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Why Tun Up Hot Sauce

If you're looking for something Flavourful, Hot, and made with love & care, then you've come to the right place.  Tun Up Hot Sauce was created out of a need for Hot Sauce that would add both Heat and Flavour to your food. Over the years, I have tested many Hot Sauces and was never satisfied.  I needed something different, and unique that had full taste and heat.

Realizing that this was a common problem within the industry, I decided to make my very own Hot Sauce!  At this point, Tun Up Hot Sauce was born!!

Tun Up Hot Sauce offers an All Natural Tropical Flavour.

Its versatility will spice up virtually anything you add it to.  It compliments every dish and will amplify the taste of an already great tasting meal.

It's Just That Good...

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Tun Up Hot Sauce


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