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Tun Up Hot Sauce-It's Just That Good...

    I purchased 2 bottles of this sauce, one for a gift! My dear friend and I have tried our respective bottles and seriously - the sauce is wicked! I purchased the pineapple & ghost pepper flavours! if you love heat, you will absolutely fall in love with Tun Up Hot Sauce!!!!! Blended perfection!

    Carlin Toban-Ogboru Avatar Carlin Toban-Ogboru
    15 October 2022

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    Gift Mbatha Avatar Gift Mbatha
    19 July 2022

    I tried the Tunup scotch bonnet hot sauce in the Mango flavor and enjoyed it. I love the taste of scotch bonnet pepper. The heat is just right, but the taste is what makes this sauce really special. I use it on everything. This is now my go to sauce at the store.

    Deandra Buckley Avatar Deandra Buckley
    28 September 2021

    Awesome hot sauces you got to try some!

    Mike Gibson Avatar Mike Gibson
    3 March 2021

    AMAZING! It was my first time trying hot sauce that had tropical fruits combined and it was the best thing ever! It’s also the type of hot sauce you can taste alone or with someone plain and such a great combination of flavors in your mouth! Definitely would recommend to all my friends and family! 10/10 for real authentic hot sauce!

    Aveena L Rampersad Avatar Aveena L Rampersad
    19 February 2021

    The flavours are everything!! I love spicy flavours but I can't handle the heat and the afterburn that it brings. This sauce has the sweet aroma and taste of pineapple mixed with heat with no annoying afterburn. You can enjoy the spicy flavour on almost anything and that's what I like.

    Stacey Richards Avatar Stacey Richards
    16 February 2021

    I don't usually eat hot sauce on its own but I tried it and it's amazing bursting with flavor. I will definitely try it again... Thanks Maxx

    Maxine Thomas Avatar Maxine Thomas
    23 January 2021

    AMAZING!!!! I’m someone who normally doesn’t like hot sauce. But this isn’t just a hot sauce, it’s a flavour I can’t even explain and have never tasted before. It was sooo delicious! I tried the mango sauce for the first time last Sunday and have eaten it three times since because I love it so much!

    Cassandra Maria Avatar Cassandra Maria
    23 January 2021

    The name says it all. Sauce is Tun Up! Ghost Pepper sauce is absolute flavor and fire. The mango and pineapple scotch bonnet sauces are definitely the go-to 🙏🏾🙌🏾 tell a friend to tell a friend

    Jay Dee Avatar Jay Dee
    26 December 2020

    This hot sauce has the perfect kick along with flavour. It ain’t bland like your normal Tabasco sauce! For me personally I use it as an alternative to chutney. Chutney is like our hot sauce which has a coconut base. Since I discovered this hot sauce I use this instead.

    Kshawn Shan Avatar Kshawn Shan
    23 December 2020

    I finally got my hands on some Tun Up hot sauce today and WOW!!! you have a fan for life. The flavors are amazing, the heat is amazing, everything is just amazing. An absolute must try for anyone who loves hot sauce, you can just tell that it's made with passion. Brilliant job , I'm blown away. 🙏🔥

    Ryan Law Avatar Ryan Law
    18 December 2020

    Man where do I start. I heard about Tun Up through my friend and was instantly hooked on the product. I got one of each and was blown away by it. For me Hot sauce should not only be hot but also full of flavour. Tun up hits the spot for me and I can’t wait to mix it in to some of my dishes. I will be sending out a couple to my family this Christmas. The packaging is dope too. Great guy and love his hustle. I will be back for more soon. Stay Blessed and thanks again!

    Don James Stewart Avatar Don James Stewart
    18 December 2020

    I bought both the mango and pineapple! Just recently became a hot sauce fan because of the different flavours you Can actually get. These ones by far have the best flavour in a hot sauce I’ve ever tried! Not to mention the kick in it is perfect! I’ve had it in chicken, pizza, fish you name it! Definitely recommend Tun Up!

    Sabastian Ramanovic Avatar Sabastian Ramanovic
    4 December 2020

    I've tried the Tun Up Mango hot sauce. Such an enjoyable hot sauce, spicy enough to be a proper hot sauce. But sweet, and so tasty I don't know how they do it. You've gotta try this one out.

    Adam Elashmawy Avatar Adam Elashmawy
    12 November 2020

    I've tried the Tun Up Mango hot sauce. Super tasty, unique mixture of tangy, sweet, spicy. Really recommend buying a bottle. Planning to try the Ghost pepper sauce asap.

    Jeremy Bailey Avatar Jeremy Bailey
    29 October 2020

    I praised the balance of sweet and extra spicy in Ghost pepper sauce!! So far the best hot sauce.... Highly recommended! It taste niceeeeee!

    Ann-Marie Powell Avatar Ann-Marie Powell
    21 October 2020

    I've had many hot sauces but TUN UP HOT SAUCE is by far the best. I HIGHLY recommend.

    Tabesha Mason Avatar Tabesha Mason
    19 October 2020

    This Hot Sauce Is Tun Up For Real For Real. I Love Everything About It, The Taste, The Smell, Even the Colour !!!! highly recommend 🌶🔥❤️

    Kirlince Ashley Avatar Kirlince Ashley
    18 October 2020

    I made some chicken and shrimp cook up rice and tried Tunuphotsauce with it ! Yes ! All I can say is I found my favorite hot sauce. All the flavors are great and the heat levels are on point! Big up #Tunuphotsauce !

    Donny Jnike Avatar Donny Jnike
    25 September 2020

    All three sauces are amazing!! Spicy Jax loved the Mango on his Scrambled Eggs and my favourite was the Pineapple!!! The Mango Ghost Pepper will be perfect to kick up my Curry!!! He says it is just that good, I say it is even better!!!! Try it out, I think next time I may need the bigger bottle!!!!

    Jason Rooney Avatar Jason Rooney
    16 September 2020

    I was amazed how good the taste of TUN UP Hot sauce is spiced up to perfection Mango and Pineapple scotch bonnet yum yum and if you like some added flame the Ghost Pepper Mango sauce is just right i am hooked like it so much will be buying this product all the time !

    Nick Hrousalas Avatar Nick Hrousalas
    9 September 2020

    I been eating hot sauces for 35 years never had the best in the market or in the world like Tun Up sauce i will only buy and eat this sauce i recomend to any body who loves spice or hot sauce from now i only buy this sauce i use it on every food and meat i eat guys do not look for anything else you never find better do not waste your time there is nothing like this

    Larry Shemtov Avatar Larry Shemtov
    12 August 2020

    I've had the Mango and the Pineapple Flavor Tun up HOT sauce both were exceptionally tasty. The flavor profile was extremely delicious. I would recommend this product to all my friends and family. Dray @drayzcakez

    Dray Peynado Avatar Dray Peynado
    12 August 2020

    As a hot sauce lover, I bought the entire collection. They are delicious, spicy and last long. I recommend Tun Up Hot Sauce. One Love 🇯🇲

    Blac-Royalti Sasha Pancho Avatar Blac-Royalti Sasha Pancho
    11 August 2020

    Pineapple Flavor is on POINT!🍍🍍🍍🔥🔥🔥

    Kris Mingle Avatar Kris Mingle
    4 August 2020

    Today I enjoyed a pound of chicken wings from the Gangster Cheese food truck with TUN UP Mango Scotch Bonnet sauce! 🔥😍👍 My wife asked me if they're hot, I was only on my first wing, and I said, "No, not really.." but by the 2nd wing I was starting to feel a slow burn. When my wife took a bite, she let out a 😱 and she was in tears! 😭🔥🔥🔥 Well I guess if you're dutch, you ain't much! 🤣 BUT then she went and did the unspeakable! She rubbed her eye!!! BIG MISTAKE! Anyone who eats spicy wings knows what I'm talking about!! 🤣👍 Thanks for the Hot Wings and the Laughs! Cheers! 🍻

    Kevin Brown Avatar Kevin Brown
    1 August 2020

    I can't say enough about this HOT SAUCE... It's so so amazing! if you want your meal spicy, you can never go wrong with this hot sauce.🔥🔥🔥🔥.. I discovered it and discovered my missing tastebuds 😅😅.. I love love love all the flavors

    Nkolika Desmond-umeh Avatar Nkolika Desmond-umeh
    26 July 2020

    My new favourite hot sauce. I decided to try Tun Up on reccomendation of a friend. Word of mouth many times is the best form of advertising. I recv'd my Tun Up Scotch Bonnet w/mango and the new SB w/pineapple yesterday. My 22yr old son was first to try both and he said both were amazing and had the perfect amount of heat. He if had to pick one over the other thought Pineapple flavour takes 1st place. The 2nd to try was my husband, I had to laugh as he was making the sounds one makes when something is HOT, lmao but he says it is sooooo good,he loves it and kept raving about how good as he was eating. Now my turn...I put both on my plate to dip with...wooooooo is right, lol....HOT, but ooooo so freaking good! I prob. used more than I should as I am a "dipper" lol. I too say that the new Pineapple flavour is just awesome...way to go with the new flavour!! Lastly was my 24yr old son who at first didn't think was hot, lol....as he kept eating and using...wooooo you were right this is hot, lol but really good. We are now thinking up ways to use the sauces to "add" heat to our cooking. I am quite please with finally a sauce that says is hot, actually is hot and tastes wonderful. So many times and so much $$$$ later trying this sauce and that and never satisfied. Finally, a product that delivers on both heat and flavour(s). I am not brave enough to try the ghost pepper sauce(s) just yet, lol. Thank you Emmanuel for excellent product and service as I had to have mine mailed via Canada Post. And you kept in touch the whole time advising on info and delivery. As well as your always quick response with questions etc. Well Done!!!

    Unacceptable April Nicholls Willis Avatar Unacceptable April Nicholls Willis
    16 April 2020

    Amazing Hot sauce with the flavours well together remind me of hot sauce from when I was growing up my grandmother would make amazing hot sauce since she’s gone this is the next best thing my kids love it when you have a five year old eating hot sauce you know you got a good hot sauce ❤️

    Candis Messam Avatar Candis Messam
    15 April 2020

    Tun up hot sauce is the boss! Our family finds it flavourful and spicy; not to mention the sauce's consistency.

    Naomi Carleen Avatar Naomi Carleen
    25 March 2020