This is Our Signature Sauce and This Hot Sauce is what gave Tun Up Its Name!!

Like All of our other Hot Sauces, This is an All Natural Mango Flavoured Hot Sauce which is Made With a Scotch Bonnet Base. Thus, Making It Hot, But Not Overwhelmingly Hot.

It Has a Very Delicious Flavour With an Abundance of Heat that is Simply Irresistible!

We Like to Refer to this Hot Sauce as “Sweet With A Burst of Irresistible Heat!!”

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Mango, Onion, Carrot, Garlic, Vinegar, Lime Juice, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt.

***Important*** All of our Hot Sauces are made naturally in Canada and are made without the use of preservatives whatsoever.  All our sauces are vegan, gluten-free and peanut-free.


  1. Emmanuel

    Inderjit Bola
    Today I tried the Scotch Bonnet Mango hot sauce with some chicken wings. The flavour was amazing with a good amount of heat without being overbearing and I absolutely enjoyed every bit. I cannot wait to try the other sauces with my regular meal prep.

  2. Emmanuel

    Kabi Shan
    Damn! It’s actually that good 🔥
    Personally, I require any food I eat to be spicy. I find that this hot sauce does that pretty well. More than the fact it’s the perfect blend, it’s has the perfect kick. Best believe that it is a natural staple in my house.

  3. Emmanuel

    Navneet Kaur
    Best hot sauce ever!
    If you like spices like I do! Trust me you need to try this sauce. I was hooked the minute I tried it. And I ended up buying all three flavours. This doesn’t taste like your regular siracha sauce or the red hot! This stuff is so so spicy and so good!

  4. Emmanuel

    Nicolas Rincon
    Best hot sauce over
    To day I tried the mango hot sauce on my food and it was amazing good flavour and just the right of heat 🔥

  5. Emmanuel

    Simran Ghimire
    Really good
    This sauce is the best hot sauce I have ever tried. It is not just hot but has a really good flavour to it. Really loved it with my chicken wings . Would recommend 100%

  6. Emmanuel

    Got to have it
    When I first got turn up hot sauce I thought it was just a typical hot sauce I was getting, to I tasted it, very flavorful nice and spicy, I tried it out on my rice and peas stewed chicken after that, I was sold on it, I use it on everything all my meals, my sandwiches. I got to have it . Keep making it keeping it real

  7. Emmanuel

    Kerrin Stanley Market Ltd.
    It Tun Up For Real
    Being a Caribbean Store Owner. It’s important that all shelved products are tested.

    This Hot Sauce is Fiyah🔥. It is definitely Tun Up For Real! Unlike some Hot Sauces that either taste like a vinaigrette, or it’s just unbearably spicy with zero flavour. This Hot Sauce has an amazing tasteful flavour and a good amount of heat. I absolutely love it 💯. I put this Hot Sauce on almost every. It’s Just That Good…

    Good Job Tun Up 💯🔥

  8. Emmanuel

    Jessica Garcia
    Yeooo when I say this hot sauce is FIRE. It’s fire. I know we all know the feeling of sitting down for a meal with your go-to hot sauce and just being disappointed in the lack of flavour and overwhelming heat. This hot sauce is not like that at all. The Tun Up Hot sauce is now my favourite hot sauce. It’s got an abundance of flavour, with the perfect amount of heat. I’ve put everybody on and so should you!!! Just like Queen Bey said, “I got a hot sauce in my bag” yup that’s me with my Tun Up sauce. I can’t leave home without it. What are you waiting for? Stop reading this review and GO PURCHASE SOME!!!!

  9. Emmanuel

    Beatrice Valescot
    Best hot sauce in town
    OMG, this Mango flavour hot sauce is hot and on 🔥call the fire department😂😍😍 this is what I call hot pepper sauce it’s so good. My eyes are popping out, my mouth is wide open while eating, just a little bit is needed💃💃to do the work. Flavourful I like it. Go get yours it’s that good. The best hot sauce in town.

  10. Emmanuel

    Love it
    Mango and pineapple are my favourite. Ghost pepper for special occasions. Love it😘

  11. Emmanuel

    It was really good. Flavorful and the right amount of heat for our liking👌🏽

  12. Emmanuel

    Revived my order in the mail on Friday and I already have to put in another order because I can’t get enough of this sauce! All of them have such great flavour that you can’t find in a hot sauce! Tun up is my new go to over franks red hot! Thank you guys so much!

  13. Emmanuel

    Randy C
    I’m a pepper sauce guy. I have lots of it. From stuff on hot ones to home made pepper sauce from “back home” and this Mango hot sauce is better then all of them !!! Just don’t tell my auntie !!

  14. Emmanuel

    Spice man
    Tun up hot pepper sauce is so hot and Flavourful it leave you speechless
    After every meal
    It’s a wow to every meal!

  15. Emmanuel

    Tun up hot sauce
    This hot sauce is incredible 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Emmanuel

    Love the heat🔥
    Tried it for the first time today the flavour is amazing nand the just the right amount of heat🔥🔥💯💯

  17. Emmanuel

    Absolutely Amazing!!
    Purchase the Mango flavour today, had it my dinner, it was 🔥🔥🔥 love it, right amount of heat and very nice flavour, will definitely be trying the other flavours.

  18. Emmanuel

    Deandra Buckley
    Best hotsauce I’ve ever had
    I tried the Tunup scotch bonnet hot sauce in the Mango flavor and enjoyed it. I love the taste of scotch bonnet pepper. The heat is just right, but the taste is what makes this sauce really special. I use it on everything. This is now my go to sauce at the store.

  19. Emmanuel

    Annissa Rodriguez
    Looove love love!
    Lovvveee love love this sauce!! I enjoy exploring different parts of the world and trying their hot sauces, truly a passion of mine! So you can imagine how happy I was to come across this hot sauce! It’s got the right consistency, powerful heats, and a great flavor behind it! Highly recommend!!

  20. Emmanuel

    Chantel smith
    The Sauce that complete’s me
    I’m from Jamaica 🇯🇲 and this sauce is one of the best sauce I’ve ever had,it complete’s everything I eat.just to name a few my (jerk chickens my sandwiches and even my soups)Thank you TUN UP HOT SAUCE♥️♥️

  21. Emmanuel

    Lindsay Dale
    A Must Try!!!!!
    If you love SPICE and a Hot sauce that is full flavored and diverse, then Tun Up Hot Sauce is a MUST TRY!
    You literally can not be disappointed. My personal favorite is the Mango Flavor.
    I have this at home, In my Office fridge and at my Sisters house… It’s everywhere I eat, LOL!
    Great gift Idea as well, share the experience of this Hot sauce with a Family member or Friend, I did and it was a hit.
    Sincerely recommend this product!!!

  22. Emmanuel

    Tiana Gonsalves
    This hot sauce is tun up for true.
    I’m a major hot sauce lover , So when I tell you this hot sauce is tun up for true. Best believe I am about to run to the store and buy the other flavour! 🥵🔥

  23. Emmanuel

    Daniel H.
    This hot sauce is BOMB I LOVE my hot sauce but this one!!! The perfect spice with a pinch of sweetness from the mango. Will definitely be bringing this one where ever I go obsessed with this one! 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Emmanuel

    nina o.
    It’s delicious.
    I recently bought some of the Tun Up Mango Hot Sauce at a Christmas market and regret not getting more!

    It’s delicious.
    Really flavourful and not at all sour (like I find a lot of other brands).
    It’s just the right amount of sweetness and heat.

    Since I bought it, I’ve used it every day! My favourite is with eggs/breakfast stuff.

    All natural ingredients, and a decent price point.
    What’s not to love?

    Highly recommend.

  25. Emmanuel

    …It’s just that good!
    Perfect balance flavour, sweetness and heat! This is my favourite one of the line up, but I will definitely give the others a try too. You must try this hot sauce; “its, just that good!”

  26. Kyle

    I recently tried the mango flavour tun up hot sauce . The flavour is really good. Would definitely recommend this to others . Way to go

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This is Our Signature Sauce and This Hot Sauce is what gave Tun Up Its Name!! Like All of our other Hot Sauces, This is an […]

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