This Page Is Dedicated to Giving a Shout Out To The People That Have Played an Integral Role In My Growth.  Unfortunately I Cannot Mention Every Single Person So If I Missed You Please Accept My Sincere Apologies However If You Would Like To Be Added I Can Most Certainly Add You As Well!

First and Foremost I would Like to Thank:


This is in NO Special Order:

My Wife Mrs Nadine Justus aka Angel Eyez Whom I Love With All MY Heart Mind Body and Soul.  You are the love of my life, my ROCK and My Soul Mate for life!!  You have heard about Tun Up day in and day out from day one and have been here to support me even in the toughest of times.  I know that I have drowned your ears out and for that I am sorry, but please know that I am ever so grateful for your support and love.  I also want to Thank you Tremendously for Always Listening to me when I needed to express my thoughts of happiness, joy and even sadness.

I Appreciate You Supporting Me Through this Journey!!  

You are my Queen and I Love you to the Moon and Back!!  

Gabe my Son you are Loved and Cherished, I appreciate you for coming to my events, taking pictures with me and for being the little man in the background always.

You are a Shining Star and I am Grateful, I Love You!


My Pastor, Author Rev. Dr. Sanneth Brown.  Dr. Brown you have brought an endless love into my life, Glory to GOD.  I am so grateful for you. You Blessed this Hot Sauce from day one and if it was not for your strong words of encouragement and your influence in my life, I do not believe this Hot Sauce would have ever come into existence.  I appreciate you always. Your support and the support of the Church The New Testament Church of Christ-Redeemer of Canada will forever be my home and I am extremely grateful.  I give God ALL the Glory and the Praise and I Thank You Tremendously for all of your Support!!

Author Rev. Dr. Brown is the writer of 5 Tremendously amazing Books that are Spirit Filled. Please visit: all of her awesome and amazing books.

My Daughter Taneisha aka Destinie.  I Love You and I am extremely grateful for your continued support.  You have shown me support in so many ways and it does not go un-noticed.  I love and appreciate you tremendously and Thank You for every single way in which you have shown support to me!! Love You Always My Princess and Sweetheart.  XOXOX. Special Thanks Also to Nick, you are the backbone behind Destinie and I am Grateful for your Support in everything you do behind the scenes. Thank You!!!


The Owner of Delight Food-Carol. You were the first Retail Restaurant to take the chance with my Product and I am every so grateful!!  So much appreciation goes out to you for giving me the chance to sell Tun Up Hot Sauce in your restaurant. Here we are almost 2 years later and still in colloboration.  Thank You So Much!!

The Owner of GC Jerk Express Truck Collin Williams and His Wife Loreen. So much appreciation goes out to you Both.  

Collin my Brother, as a fellow Man of God I am ever so grateful for your support from almost day one.  You have held many conversations with me, man to man and I adore your hard work and I am tremendously grateful for our continued collaboration!!

You continue to push the product, and I appreciate you helping me keep this dream alive.

Stay Blessed Always!!


Grumpy's Chicken, My Man you are a Blessed Man of God and my gratitude to you is 100%.  You were the first caterer to collaborate with me and have the Tun Up Ghost Pepper Mango on your Menu as Grumpy's Tun Up!!  I am ever so grateful for your continued support, and for your collaboration with me.  Bless God Brother Thank You!!