Tun Up Hot Sauce is Proudly in collaboration with Lolasgrababite, This Awesome Chef Features Tun Up Hot Sauce in any of her recipes where that Extra Flavour and Heat is Required.
Lolasgrababite offers catering service for small parties and family dinners.  Providing you with delicious Jamaican style entrees and appetizers for any occasion that will be sure to please your friends, family and guests every time!  
If You Like It Hot-Just Ask For It By Name "Tun Up"
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Gourmet Glamour

Tun Up Hot Sauce is proudly in collaboration with Gourmet Glamour.   Chef Sanderson provides Catering for all sorts of events up to and including but not limited to Tea Parties, Family Dinners, and Birthday parties. 
She proudly uses Tun Up Hot Sauce in some of her spicier meals, providing her Customers with the Flavour and Heat they desire when they like it HOT!
If You Like It Hot-Just Ask For It By Name "Tun Up"
Visit Gourmet Glamour Their Website or On Instagram.

 Nicola's Kitchen

Tun Up Hot Sauce is Proudly in Collaboration with Nicola's Kitchen. 
Nicola Loves To Cook, and Has Recently Started Her Own Catering In 2020 In The Niagara/Welland Region.
Nicola Not Only Uses Tun Up Hot Sauce In Her Spicy Recipes Where That Extra Flavour and Heat is Required Like Jerk Chicken Poutine, Jerk Chicken Quiche and  Other Spicy Dishes. 
Nicola's Kitchen Offers Pick Up and Delivery. 
Providing You With Delicious Jamaican Style and Canadian Entrees and Appetizers For Any Occasion That Will Appease Your Taste Buds Every Time!


If You Want Your Meal Tun Up-Just Ask For It By Name!

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Haitian Tower Restaurant


Tun Up Hot Sauce is proud to announce that we are in collaboration with Grumpy’s Chicken Brampton/GTA. Hit Them Up for a taste of the Best Grilled Chicken, infused with Tun Up Hot Sauce Ghost Pepper Mango Flavour.  

Just ask for it by Name “Grumpy’s Tun Up!!  

You Won’t regret tasting this savoury chicken-Tun Up Style.


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Gangster Cheese

Serious Heat With A Sweet Mango Flava. If You Are In The Whitby Area And You Like Hot Wings With Flavour, Gangster Cheese Is In Colloboration With Tun Up Hot Sauce To Provide You The Best Spicy Mango Flavoured Hot Wings Whitby Has To Offer.

For Details Visit Them On Their Website, Instagram or Facebook.





Specializing in Caribbean and Canadian Dishes. This Young Entrepreneur Will Ensure That Your Taste Buds Are Craving More With Every Bite!!

Starting At A Young Age, Rye's Kitchen Has Developed and Blossomed Into Something Everyone Loves, and Now In Collaboration With Tun Up Hot Sauce. 

So If You Like It Hot-Just Ask For It By Name "Tun Up"

So Check Out Rye's Kitchen and Order Today!!

IG: Rye's Kitchen