How It All Began

Tun Up Hot Sauce was founded in 2019 as a result of my Beautiful Wife Not liking anything spicy.  Seeing that I generally cook with an abundance of spiciness and I learned how to cook from a Jamaican chef, I decided to make a Hot Sauce to compliment my food. But not just any Hot Sauce I wanted to make one with Not Only Heat but with Flavour!

So, my first Hot Sauce was Scotch Bonnet Hot-Mango Flavoured.  I brought the Hot Sauce to my Pastor at Our Church "New Testament Church of Christ-The Redeemer of Canada" Author Rev. Dr. Sanneth Brown whom is a Born Jamaican, said she absolutely Loved it and quoted “This is one of the Best Hot Sauces I ever had!”  Inspired by this I made more and sold to church members, family and friends. After getting the same positive review I decided to give it a Name so I called it “Tun Up Hot Sauce” which is a commonly used word/phrase amongst Caribbean People and the Urban Community which means “Turned Up” because the Hot Sauce really is “Tun Up”

Soon after I named the Hot Sauce, I said to myself “It’s Just That Good…” and that became the Slogan. 

Today I am proud to say that My Hot Sauce retails in 22 Locations from Brampton to Whitby, Halton Hills, Orangeville and Alberta and Surrey B.C.

I now feature 3 Flavours of Hot Sauce. "Scotch Bonnet Mango, Ghost Pepper Mango and Scotch Bonnet Pineapple".

Side Note:

Tun Up is a Well-Known Jamaican Slang and Means: An expression used to describe something that is wonderful, hype, exciting, spectacular or a great deal of fun.

The literal translation of “Tun Up” is “Turned Up”.