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Tun Up Hot Sauce 

It's Just That  Good...

About Us

Tun Up Hot Sauce is Sweet with a Burst of Irresistible Heat, It's Just That Good...

How It All Began "Tun Up Hot Sauce"

Tun Up Hot Sauce was Founded on the Basis of My Wife Not Liking an Abundance of Heat  aka Spice in Her Food.  

Seeing that I Love to Cook with a Great Deal of Spiciness, I Decided to Make My Own Hot Sauce.  But I Didn't Want Just ANY Hot Sauce.  I Wanted One that Would add Flavour and Would Give Me that Level of Spiciness that I So Desired. 

After Year's of Buying Other Hot Sauces that Had ONLY Heat with No Flavour, I Decided on Making a Mango Flavoured Hot Sauce.  

I Was Determined to Make a Hot Sauce That I could Use All The Time.   One That I Could Add  Put On Anything,  And  That Would Add Both Flavour to My Food and That Extra Flavourful Heat!!

After Making My First Batch of Hot Sauce. I Brought It To My Pastor at Church, Author Reverend  Dr. Sanneth Brown of The New Testament Church of Christ - The Redeemer of Canada, and She LOVED IT.  

Dr. Brown is of Jamaican Decent and She Loves Hot Sauce.  She Said it was One Of The Best Tasting Hot Sauce She Has Ever Had!!  

I was So Inspired By This, That I began to Make More and Eventually Started Selling It.

Dr. Brown Was a Huge Inspiration and Shortly After Making and Selling Several Bottles Successfully, I decided That The Hot Sauce Needed a "Name"....  So I Told My Wife I am going to Call it "TUN UP!!" 

Tun Up is a Well Known Jamaican Slang and Means: An expression use to describe something that is wonderful, hype, exciting, spectacular or a great deal of fun. The literal translation of “Tun Up” is “Turned Up”. 

Then I said to Myself The Hot Sauce is Tun Up And

 "It's Just That Good..." 

Now Tun Up Hot Sauce Needed a Description, So I added "Sweet with a Burst of Irresistible Heat!" 

This Literally Describes How it Tastes.

This is How Tun Up Hot Sauce Came Into Existence.


Mission of Caring

Our Mission and Goal is To Provide Our Customers with a Great Tasting Hot Sauce and Eventually So Much More.  

We Here at Tun Up Hot Sauce Take Pride in Providing Exceptional Customer Service  Above ALL!!

In Addition to We Want to Ensure You are Getting The Best All Natural Tropical Flavoured Hot Sauce!

 We Pride Ourselves in Treating You as  a Customer, How We Ourselves Would Like To Be Treated.   

Every Sale is Personal, Not Just Business!! 

We Love Our Customers and The Support We Receive and We Are Grateful Each and Every One Of You! 

We Want Our Customers To Not Only Enjoy The Hot Sauce and All The  Products Sold,  But To Experience Something More Then Just an Average Purchase.

We Thank You In Advance For Your Continued Business


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