About Mr Tun Up


(Preferred Name Emmanuel)




As a lover of Hot Sauce and spicy food, Emmanuel began his journey making Hot Sauce in approximately February/March of 2019.  It was always challenging for him to cook without an abundance of heat, and His wife was not a big fan of spicy foods. So, it was mandatory that they come to a compromise or a solution that would benefit them both.

It was always Emmanuel’s dream to be an entrepreneur but He never knew just exactly what it is that He wanted to do, and being an entrepreneur meant having a love for what He did, not just the ability to sell a product or a service.  He had to make sure that whatever He choose, it was something that He could see himself doing till retirement.

Making Hot Sauce was never intended to be His career, but it quickly became His dream/career, and with the encouragement of His Pastor Author Rev. Dr. Sanneth Brown having loved and Blessed the Hot Sauce, Emmanuel realized that this was it, this was what He wanted to do, and so it became a passion for Him.

Emmanuel believes that selling Hot Sauce is not just about the passion or experience it is about the love that is behind the making of every batch.  As am a customer himself, Emmanuel knows just what it means to ensure that each batch is made with quality and consistency in mind to ensure Customer Satisfaction every time. 

Tun Up Hot Sauce stands behind its name and its meaning, Turned Up and It’s Just That Good… And Customer’s Matter Most.

It brings Him great joy to interact with each and every Customer that He possibly can, and to ensure that it feels to a customer more like a friendly interaction versus just a sale.

Emmanuel is a Believer in God and His beliefs are strongly shown in his desire to Always Put God First and to Share His love and adoration for Jesus. So much so that He has launched a clothing line Called TYL which stands for “Thank You Lord”. This Clothing line is intended for both Believers and Non-Believers to be able to wear an apparel that will just in its name alone give Thanks Unto the Lord.  Emmanuel also has another apparel which is a branch of His Hot Sauce which is called Tun Up All The Way Up…, the meaning behind this is to Represent the City in which He has resided for the last 37 years with the skyline in the design and is also a form of inspiration to always work towards upward movement in life and never to give up.

Emmanuel has a loving Christian wife and a step-son who he has taken on to be his own son, and whom he loves very much. He also has 3 other kids whom he loves dearly.  Emmanuel is a hard-working individual who will stop at nothing to succeed in life and it is His dream to make Tun Up and TYL become successful.  He continues to Pray God’s Blessings upon his Business and also Prays that All those that support Him in this Journey they too be Blessed by God.

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